Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Welcome to sabah..

Hi Hello to all backpackers out there...how are you all?first of all, let me introduce my self..My name is Noraziah and you can call me Azie..and yes..i love backpacking when i'm travelling to another states or another country..why??well..it's super duper simple..it is fun, you can enjoy your holiday without any restriction and you can do whatever you want and go wherever you wish and the most important is..you can save a lot and tons of money...do you believe me?yes you believe me..i'm an avid backpackers..oh yeahh..and apart from that, i'm truly madly deeply in love with my hometown Sabah, Malaysia...everything you can get in here..from the highest mountain to the deepest sea..i just love my beautiful Sabah the Land below the wind..so please looking forward to my next entry. it's all about beautiful places in Sabah..love ya..love sabah..and till we meet again